The truth about studying business at university

The truth about studying business at university

The popular degree

For many people university is a whole different experience to what it is expected to be, but with most people recommending the uni experience, the choice of a business degree is increasing. Many people study business at university for the wide range of opportunities that having this degree has on the future job prospects even if they still aren’t quite sure on what path to go on - with 361,000 of 1,840,000 bachelor degrees in 2012-2013 went on and studied business at degree level, suggesting it is a highly popular degree choice.

Are the myths true?

There are many myths that go around targeting specific university degrees; one of them is that business at university is a lazy person’s subject. Despite these claims, those who studied business have been the first person in the library and sometimes the last out. To me, business sound likes a bunch of numbers that make no sense, but I am well aware that there are people out there where business makes complete sense and even enjoy the tasks.

The difference

Many students have said that degree level is completely different to what they experienced in GCSE business - now in degree level they experience a much higher level of maths along with the addition of presentations and group work - some have even said their skills and knowledge were widened when with fellow students rather than what their lecturer and books were teaching them.